Office Of academic Affairs Staff


personal  Registration  Staff
IMG_0001 copy Head, Registration
Name : Somrak  Pansuwan
Position : Typist
IMG_0001 Name : Sumattana  Rattanakul
Position : Education
       IMG_0003 Name : Wanphen  Seemarong
Position : Education
noy(1) Name : Mayura  Bunthiam
Position : Education

personal  General Affairs Staff
IMG_00015 Head, General Affairs
Name : Haruithai  Piculsri
Position : Education
IMG_0002 Name : Yodrak  Buaprom
Position : Management And Administrator Officer
IMG_6311(1) Name : Sirichai  Wongkwanklom
Position : Management And Administrator Officer

personal    Education Management Staff
IMG_0004 Head, Education Management
Name : Panumas  Butseepa
Position : Education
wongvien(1) Name : Wongvian Wongkaso
Position : Computer Technical Officer
IMG_0009 Name : Nawawich  Thongsarat
Position : Computer Technical Officer
IMG_0005 Name : Wassana Butseepa
Position : Education
IMG_00010 Name : Saengjan  Jakpim
Position : Education
IMG_0006 Name : Phetsuda  Nontasree
Position : Education

personal Academic Affairs Staff   
wan Head, Academic Affairs
Name : Kamolchanok  Intarapromma
Position : Education
IMG_00014 Name : Boonyarat Ponwongsa
Position : Computer Technical Officer